A news report about a stolen dog ended in a twist that’s truly stranger than fiction.

Anchor Juliana Mazza of 7 News has become a hero to a German shorthaired pointer named Titus and his owner, but she didn’t expect to be. Juliana was reporting on the story of how Titus had been dognapped from a parked car in Cambridge last Friday, when suddenly, she saw a man walking a dog. And that dog looked just like Titus.

Juliana was quick to think on her feet and approached the man, crouching down to pet the dog as an excuse to check the tag on his collar. Confronted with the fact that Juliana knew that Titus was the stolen dog, the man walking him claimed that he was a dog walker who had mistakenly taken the wrong dog. Of course, that already-flimsy story didn’t explain why the man had still waited well over twenty-four hours without calling Titus’ rightful owner, and Juliana knew she had enough evidence to call the police and get the accused dognapper taken away.

The man was charged with larceny and breaking and entering into a vehicle. Meanwhile, Titus and his owner, Greg, have been reunited, and all is well for this pup and his real dad. Juliana, for her part, is being celebrated for her quick thinking and courage in a bizarre, but lucky situation.

You can watch the unbelievable moment below:


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