The spread of the coronavirus has left many parents of young children worried for their little ones’ safety. With their developing immune systems, newborn babies are feared targets of the virus, and hospital staff have been taking measures to protect Earth’s newest arrivals during the pandemic.

Some babies born in Thailand are being outfitted with plastic face shields to protect them from droplets of other people’s mucus or saliva that may be carrying the virus. The photos are a cute, but haunting reminder of the coronavirus’ impact on people of all ages.

Image Source: MThai News

The photos also show the hospital staff wearing masks to protect the babies and their coworkers from saliva that may come out of their mouths while talking, coughing, or sneezing.

While the virus usually has the harshest impact on the elderly or patients with pre-existing conditions, multiple children have also experienced devastating symptoms. The face shields can add an extra measure of protection for the babies.

Image Source: MThai News

The photos have gone viral both for how cute they are and how impactful it is to see newborn babies in protective gear.

Image Source: MThai News

The parents of these babies will one day be able to tell them about the crazy time surrounding their birth, complete with these surreal photos, but for now, we’re just glad these tiny humans are being protected when they’re most vulnerable.


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