Sometimes, we don’t give animals enough credit for just how intelligent they are. For example, even though we know how closely humans are related to gorillas, it’s easy to forget just how similar we are, not only in terms of genetics, but also in terms of intelligence and emotions.

In a beautiful interaction at the Franklin Park Zoo, a new mother named Emmelina brought her five-week-old baby, Canyon, to see the animals. When they stopped at the gorilla exhibit, one of the gorillas, Kiki, took a special interest in the infant, sitting right next to the glass and staring at the little hairless being.

Then, not long later Kiki brought her own baby, Pablo, to come meet his “relative.” The whole thing was filmed, and now, this lucky family will be able to look back on this special moment for the rest of their lives. And we bet baby Canyon will really treasure this video when he gets a bit older!


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