The sound of a purring cat is one of the best in the world, if you ask us. Sometimes, though, it takes a bit of work to hear it.

Some cats need to be pet for a while before they start their engines, others seem to do it the moment you crack open a can of tuna. Sometimes, a bit of playtime will get the rumbles going.

One kitty named Quinn doesn’t need any of that effort, though.

Vice Senior Social Editor Caitlin Schneider recently brought Quinn home from the Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, and he came with a “warning”: he purrs “on sight.” It sounds like a cute description used to make people want to adopt a pet a bit more — and it certainly helped Quinn’s case — but as it turns out, they were completely serious. Every time one of his new human parents approaches him, a happy purr rumbles deep from within this tiny kitten and comes out in the most adorable way possible.

Check out Quinn’s impressive insta-purr technique below:


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