Halloween is supposed to be a night of spooky and sweet fun, with the streets filled with kids in costumes running up to doors to ask for candy. The adults handing out the candy can have just as much fun, too! It’s always a blast to see all the cute smiles on kids’ faces and check out the creative costumes they wear each year.

Unfortunately for one family, the fun of this year’s Halloween was dampened by a difficult personal struggle. Courtney Thomas, an RN at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, put a sign out on her lawn this Halloween explaining that her family’s house would not be giving out candy this year. Her daughter, Zoe, has been battling leukemia since this year, and between the stress and cost of treatment and the risk that having so many kids approaching their home presented in the era of COVID-19, Courtney decided it was better to forego the treat-giving this year.

What she didn’t expect, however, was that the kids she expected to be receiving candy would decide to give some of their candy away.

In an emotional Facebook post, Courtney shared what had happened:

“I can’t stop crying 
If anyone thought there was no hope in our kids and teens you’re wrong.
The SOLE purpose of us putting this sign in our yard today was so kids wouldn’t run to our door and be disappointed (our neighborhood usually gets 300-400 kids).
I looked on our doorbell camera tonight and saw that kids had been stopping at the sign. T.j. Thomas and I just went outside and found this 

The picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s a LOT and the good stuff even 

Seriously… If the parents of anyone who did this sees this, PLEASE tell them how much it means to us and our kiddos. On the best candy night of the year kids freely and generously shared with strangers and showed so much love and kindness. So amazing”

It just goes to show that incredible kindness can be found even on the ~scariest~ nights.

You can contribute to Zoe’s treatment here.


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