Even when the world is a mess and work and home life is stressful, baby animals have a tendency to put a smile on our faces. So it’s no great surprise that a video of a tiny duckling settling down for a nap is brightening the moods of internet users all over the world right now.

The video in question was shared by Mother the Mountain Farm: an organic farm in Australia that is home to a number of plants and animals. The itty bitty duckling that has stolen the hearts of thousands is seen getting a nasturtium flower placed on her head, and within seconds, she drifts off to sleep, and her natural “hat” tumbles off her head. It’s simple, it’s pure, and it’s completely adorable.

Since the original video was shared, the farm’s caretakers have affectionately named the duckling Nasturtium after the flower on her head. But this feathered friend also wears other kinds of flower hats, too! Here she is with a flax flower hat:

Nasturtium’s sister, Mint, has also joined in on the floral hat trend! Don’t they look fashionable together?

The ducklings are growing fast and just had their first swim. They’ll be fully grown in what feels like the blink of an eye, but their loving human caretakers will always have sweet videos like these to remember their days as fluffy little babies!


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