Many parents know the struggle of making food a bit more fun so that their kids will eat it. While some of us don’t go far beyond cutting a sandwich into the shape of a heart, one mom from Japan, known as Etoni Mama, is going all-out to make her children meals that are almost too cute to eat!

This practice is called “kyaraben,” or character bento, which involves making lunchbox meals with food that looks like either original or famous characters.

The practice is fairly popular in Japan, but this mom’s skills are so good, she’s amassed a following of over 111k on Instagram alone.

She feeds these cute lunches to her three daughters, who are 11, 9, and 7.

She can make art out of virtually any food, but her most popular canvases are eggs.

Her creativity in using different egg cooking styles for different characters is amazing!

She puts amazing details into just one egg!

Imagine how her kids must feel to be treated to this kind of lunch every day!

We wish we could make food look this good!

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