Halloween is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: creepy decorations, ghost stories, and witchcraft!

One mom decided to go beyond decorating her house for Halloween and instead found a cheap second-hand dollhouse to get creative with, and now, the results are going viral.

Samantha Browning paid just $8 for a pretty pink dollhouse at a thrift shop, but it wouldn’t stay pink for long.

Inspired by a TikTok she saw featuring a wooden dollhouse that had been spraypainted black, Samantha gave her own dollhouse the spooky treatment. The results are every Halloween fan’s dream home.

One the dollhouse had been painted black, Samantha got to work on the details.

She didn’t stop with a paint job, either — she also added candles and some skeletal residents.

Even the family’s black cat gave the house a stamp of approval!

Samantha’s hard work transformed a cute toy into a cute, creepy decoration.

Since redecorating her first haunted doll mansion, Samantha has found other cute dollhouses to redesign.

(All under the watchful eye of her kitty, of course.)

Her work has improved with time and experience, and to be honest, we wouldn’t mind living in “human-sized” versions of these houses!

Her attention to detail is impressive — can you imagine having vampire bunnies scampering around your lawn?

The surrounding foliage is also appropriately autumn-themed.

It’s not just the outside, either — the inside is also very well decorated.

She even added some cute curtains to this one!

We love this seasonal crafting idea! Both kids and adults have fallen in love with Samantha’s creations, and hopefully, many old dollhouses can find new life as a home for skeletons, ghosts, witches, and vampire bunnies!

All images via Samantha Browning via Facebook


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