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Mom Shares Photo That Perfectly Shows The Reality Of Working From Home With Kids

Photo/Facebook: Krista Myers Duzan

COVID-19 has completely upended lives all around the world, and many working parents now find themselves working from home, which is also where there kids are all the time now after schools have closed. It’s certainly a new normal to adjust to, and one mom has shared a picture that pretty much sums it all up.

Krista Myers Duzan‘s photo of her work-from-home experience has gone viral after she took a selfie at her computer with her four-year-old son dressed as Spider-Man and perched on top of a table behind her.

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“I know the C-Virus is scary, but try working with a 4 year-old dressed like Spiderman perched on the kitchen table behind you whispering “can you hear me breathe”.

Day 6.”

Krista’s hilarious and slightly unsettling experience has struck a chord with parents across the internet. Kids are weird and annoying sometimes, but we love them for it. Parents will just be seeing a lot more of their children’s unique hobbies as the days go on!

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