Spray tans may look good, but be careful — they can make other people look silly.

One breastfeeding mom named Keziah Jozefiak found this out the hard way after she applied tanning foam while her baby was napping. When her kiddo woke up hungry, she fed him, of course… but the foam hadn’t completely dried yet. The result was a hilarious moment in motherhood:

Baby Raf had a temporary beard! And although there were a few concerns about Raf’s health after making contact with the spray tan, Jozefiak assured people that he hadn’t ingested nearly enough to be harmful to his health. “RAFAEL is fine. it’s literally like licking a piece of chocolate off ur hand after u tanned he’s not downing my whole bottle of tan. i appreciate all ur concern tho :),” she told her Twitter followers after her initial tweet went viral.

To put her followers’ fears to rest, she shared a photo of a happy, healthy, and now-clean Raf.

Thankfully, the spray-tan did eventually come off, and her post can serve as a hilarious warning to breastfeeding moms who don’t want to have to clean their tan off their babies!

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