Appleseed the kitten has had a rough start in life. The itty bitty black kitty was found on a busy road and nearly died when she ran under a car. Thankfully, though, the man in the car scooped her up and saved her life. Hoping to find her a good home, he tried to give the kitten away online, but that’s when the fuzzy baby caught the eye of Holly Brookhouser.

Holly is well aware of the dangers of advertising free pets online, as the animals can fall into the hands of people who would do them harm. She felt drawn to this special kitten, especially as it was the two-year anniversary she brought home her adopted son, Marcelo. To celebrate the special day, the family decided to bring the kitten home, where Marcelo named her Appleseed.

Now, Holly and Marcelo will continue to care for Appleseed until she’s ready to be adopted, and we have a feeling there will be plenty of people who want to scoop up this tiny cutie pie. Appleseed has a big personality and even rode on Holly’s shoulder in the car on the way home!

Holly said of the special day, “Today marks Marcelo’s second year home! While shopping for groceries for tonight’s party (and scrolling fb) I saw a picture of this tiny fluff ball. The finder had just witnessed it running into a major road, then under his car so he stopped, grabbed it and rushed home and posted it for free. When I’m “laying low” I usually tag rescues they should go through instead of just giving away. But rescues can’t help if they don’t have fosters and I figured we’d commemorate this day by saving this baby! Marcelo thought real hard for a good name and came up with Appleseed. Appleseed devoured her food and is settling in now. Here’s hoping for illness free next few weeks while she continues growing and eventually is ready for adoption

Appleseed’s days of difficulty and danger seem to be over, and now, this kitten can enjoy her days full of food, love, and of course, naps.

All images from Paws of Oz


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