We all know that just because we’re working doesn’t mean that our thoughts are on our work. Who among us hasn’t gotten lost in a daydream while filling out spreadsheets or found our minds fixated on lunch while answering calls?

As it turns out, the tasks we partake in at our “mundane” jobs aren’t the only ones in which a mind may drift. Mathieu Simoneau is a runway model who has released a series of videos on TikTok sharing the thoughts that go through his mind when he walks in the latest fashions, and let’s just say not all of them are about the clothes.


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Mathieu’s videos have amassed millions of views on the app, and for good reason: his runway thoughts are both hilarious and hilariously relatable.


Common theme: I can’t see

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It just goes to show that no matter how different our jobs may be, we’re all only human after all.


Reply to @angelgorl444 Lol the last clip, and I don’t look like Richard Ramirez guys

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