Firefighters have been working around the clock all month trying to put out the dozens of bushfires that have blazed around Australia. The country is currently in summer, which is notoriously dry and hot, providing perfect conditions for fires to start and rapidly spread. Hundreds of millions of animals have died, and hundreds of people’s lives have been changed forever because of the fires. Finally, though, it looks like the burning nation is getting some relief courtesy of Mother Nature.

People all across the country are celebrating rainfall that occurred a couple of days ago. This wet weather is far from uncommon during winter, but during summer and especially with the current bushfire situation, it’s basically a miracle. Whether or not they’ve been personally affected by the fires, Australians are celebrating the rain and the relief it can help bring for the affected regions and exhausted firefighters, if only temporarily.

While summer (and bushfire season) is far from over, this brief bit of rain has given the country hope in the midst of its despair. Keep your fingers crossed that Australia will see even more rain soon!

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