Have you ever looked at a frozen lake and thought, “I sure wish I could ride my bike across that”?

No? Really?

Apparently, at least one person did have such a desire, and through a lot of careful planning and reconstruction, he managed to create an impressive, but slightly terrifying bicycle that can carry him over ice.

The step-by-step process was shared on the YouTube channel “The Q,” which details how the subject of the video managed to remove the standard bicycle tires and replaced them with circular saws. The bike itself wasn’t anything special — just your typical mountain bike — but it managed to do the seemingly impossible with a few special modifications.

The first test was a bit of a flop, as first tests usually are. The wheels were a bit too sharp and risked cutting a hole in the ice. But the second time around, small metal plates attached to the sharp parts of the saw wheels kept the bike on top of the frozen lake, and the rider was able to use it for its intended purpose!

Needless to say, please don’t try this at home, no matter how much you love biking across challenging terrain. But at least from a distance, we can appreciate this engineering marvel!

Check out the video below:


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