Mega “Chonky” 30-Pound Cat Named Lasagna Finds Home After Finding Fame


Fat cats may be cute when they’re orange cartoons — and to be honest, they’re also cute in real life — but one kitty named Lasagna was too overweight to be feeling great.

Lasagna came into Philadelphia animal shelter ACCT Philly at a scale-tipping 29.5 pounds, or about four times what she should weigh.

Image Source: ACCT Philly

The name, of course, was given to her by the shelter as a cute nod to Garfield the cartoon cat’s favorite food!

Image Source: ACCT Philly

ACCT Philly, the shelter where Lasagna lived, shared the chubby kitty’s photos and story, knowing they’d need to find her a human that would be willing to help her get down to a healthy weight. They weren’t body-shaming this adorable chonk — Lasagna is only five years old and having joint problems and difficulty grooming herself because of her size.

Image Source: ACCT Philly

Thankfully, plenty of people were willing to take on the task of helping Lasagna slim down. Her story gained thousands of likes and shares as people from all over the country (even the world!) fell in love with her.

Image Source: ACCT Philly

In fact, even Stouffer’s (yes, the frozen prepared food company that prides itself on its lasagna) donated some meals to the staff at the shelter and the feline Lasagna’s family-to-be!

That’s right — the shelter did find a family for this special kitty, and now, she’s being given all the love she deserves.

Lasagna may have had a rough time as she entered the shelter, but at least now she’ll be able to lose weight and live in a loving home with her new family!


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