From blockbusters on the big screen to fantasy novels, werewolves always have been a source of dread and fascination. Well, it turns out they’re real, but only a lot smaller than you imagined. Cue the grasshopper mouse. These little critters are found in the drier parts of western North America, and they are perfectly adapted to their lifestyle. They live off a protein-rich diet, eating a whole variety of insects. But bugs aren’t the only option on the menu. Grasshopper mice are instinctive killers from the moment they are born making lizards, other mice and even scorpions possible meal options. Wait, don’t scorpions sting? Well, yes they do, but the grasshopper mouse has adapted to convert toxins in the venom into a painkiller. Talk about making lemonade from lemons! These adorable little rodents are known to throw their heads back and let out the cutest little howl as a way of putting off predators or communicating with their fellow mice. So, yes, werewolf mice are a thing. The world just got that much weirder. More info:


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