Countless people watched The Mandalorian on Disney + since the Star Wars universe show came out, and many of them had their interest piqued thanks to a tiny green baby alien.

The Child (as he’s called on the show) or “Baby Yoda” (as he’s called by basically everyone else) has taken the world by storm, spawning fan art, memes, and many people who want to protect that little big-eared baby at all costs. Now, one man has created an incredibly lifelike Baby Yoda for an amazing cause.

Greg Imahara, who you may know as a former host on Mythbusters, is a consultant at Walt Disney Imagineering and mechanical designer. He’s come out with a fully animatronic Baby Yoda that is so realistic, you would be forgiven for thinking that The Mandalorian character was actually a living creature. Imahara has been working on the creation for three months, and though he’s come a long way, he wants to take the technology even further to make the Child even more lifelike.

Imahara wrote a post celebrating his achievement, sharing some of the process and people involved and the beautiful news that his Baby Yoda will be visiting children in hospitals starting in April.[0]=68.ARDBSiZekR_kP07NpOIIVMFrKxFzaJanJasx8jb6Ebdx2PImsp2F-clrHmq7hl9zon3vEpOTQ1jQ_J8YsTM54AFEB7KpBZNyy1mxtLfhURKvBz2l9_3jv0Y6i4uOmqhxEDk2YlmLujDZ4tj16PS0GU3C9_1xxnRtK8m-Qu8Q79MdxYXkmE3XorhfFEI2KhTlHkVqfZZW4_agjFHW&__tn__=H-R

Pleased to present my newest creation: a fully animatronic Baby Yoda. It’s been three months of hard work and countless revisions. He’s a personal project that I started in early December. I did all the mechanical design, programming, and 3D printed the molds. He’s currently running a continuous sequence, but soon I’ll be able to trigger specific moods and reactions, as well as incorporate sound. Special thanks to Lauren Markland for creating the silicone skin, painting and hand-punching the hair, Lindsay Hamilton for the coat and jumpsuit, and Project 842 for the incredible digital model. This is a not-for-profit project. We’ll be touring children’s hospitals and our first visit is scheduled for April! “

While it’s still probably going to be some time before Baby Yodas of this quality are mass-produced to have in every household that wants one, you can’t deny that this is an amazing feat with an even more amazing larger purpose.

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