Steve Easterbrook, MacDonald’s chief executive, has been fired from his position in the corporation due to his consensual relationship with one of the company’s employee. Steve Easterbrook, who has been working for the company for four years, decided to resign from the company’s board. This was after MacDonald’s board met and voted to terminate Easterbrook’s contract with the company.

Easterbrook also wrote an email to the company’s employees and said that he has resigned from the company as he had gone against the policies of the company as well as his personal conduct. The company confirmed that it would pay Mr. Easterbrook 26 weeks in severance as he leaves the company.

Steve Easterbrook admitted his mistakes after the company’s board was notified about his relationship with an unnamed employee and the board conducted a thorough investigation, after which they acted fast as it was against the company’s policies for a senior employee to start a relationship with another employee of the company.

Mr. Easterbrook’s resignations have come at a time that the company is trying to keep up with the latest changes that are reverberating in the food industry in the US market as well as other parts of the world.

Since he joined the company, Steve Easterbrook’s tenure has been a success as he managed to double the value of the company’s shares despite the stagnation of the traffic in restaurants located in the US.

The company is also trying to reckon itself from the challenges in the food industry, ranging from supermarkets to meat suppliers, as the consumers are now switching to food products that are viewed as healthier. This has seen big food industries such as the MacDonald’s using their profits in delivery and technological upgrades, among other services that they offer.


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