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Massive Hippo Tries To Join In On A Game Of Golf In South Africa


We’ve seen some pretty crazy things happen on golf courses. Some of them — like this golfer getting a crazy hole-in-one — are surprising, but not entirely out of place. Others are so bizarre, you might not believe your own eyes!

The latter is what happened to some golfers in South Africa’s Richards Bay Country Club. The players were on the eleventh hole when suddenly, an unexpected guest made their way onto the green.

Thank goodness Ockie Annandale filmed what happened, because otherwise, it may have been too bizarre to believe — an absolutely massive hippo had emerged and made his way onto the golf course. At first, Ockie and his friends hoped the giant animal would just wander away, as the hippos in the nearby lake normally just come out at night, but this hippo decided he wanted to be more involved. In fact, he made himself comfortable on the green and started playing with the flag!

The golfers wisely decided to stay out of the animal’s way, and soon, the hippo decided to move on. Good thing, too — a game of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” would be far less fun in real life!

You can check out the video of the visitor below:



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