Think running a marathon is hard? Try running it in -13 degree weather!

That’s exactly what these people are doing in Antartica.

The Antarctic Ice Marathon, as it is known, was established in 2006 and has been run every year since.  Runners meet in Chile and then fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica, to run 26 miles.

This year, 55 runners showed up.

Many of us would shudder at the thought of running so far in weather that cold, but one runner described it as “fantastic” and “everything I could have imagined it to be.”

Another described it as “extraordinary” and “such pain and such beauty, all together.”

One runner even went so far as to say “the sad part” was “hitting the finish line.”

Despite loving the run, the runners were under constant danger from the continent’s frigid temperatures, and were therefore under constant supervision.

But if the temperatures don’t scare you away from the marathon, the price might. Taking part in the Antarctica Ice Marathon will cost you 15,000 euros (roughly $17,653 USD), but you can reserve a spot for 5,000 euros.

So far, the record times have been three hours and 47 minutes for men and four hours and 56 minutes for women.

You can learn more about the Antarctic Ice Marathon here.

Check out the video below from Now This Sports:

People Run Marathon in Antarctica

Think a regular marathon is hard? Try running one in Antarctica

Posted by NowThis Sports on Friday, December 8, 2017


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