If you live in the U.S. and have ever had to get anything more than a routine checkup at the doctor, you’ve probably experienced some kind of a headache with the country’s healthcare system. Sometimes, your insurance covers your entire experience, but many times, patients wind up in a confusing and expensive whirlwind of copays and deductibles and questions about what’s covered and what isn’t.

Twitter user Adam Weinstein experienced this dilemma when he went in to get a CT scan. One would think that the process would be relatively straightforward, but instead, Weinstein was taken on a wild ride that demonstrated just how crazy the U.S. healthcare and insurance systems can be.

Check out his account of the events:

Weinstein later provided an update to his thread to let readers know he’d finally scheduled his insurer-approved CT scan for the following week for $400.

Can you imagine what the result may have been if this dilemma happened to someone who wasn’t so persistent? It’s a good thing this man knew all the right questions to ask!

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