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Man’s Security Cameras Catch Kid Playing In His Driveway, & He Deals With It In The Best Way Possible


Oh, to be a kid riding their bike around the neighborhood again!

Learning to ride a bike was a frustrating, but memorable part of childhood for many of us, and no one knows this better than motorcycle enthusiasts. So when a man behind the Canyon Chasers YouTube channel (which focuses on the motorcycle rider community) realized that a little neighbor boy was riding a bike in his driveway, he and his wife came up with a brilliant idea.

The man’s security cameras captured the little boy doing a quick turn around his driveway every night. He admits that at first, the alerts he received every night would annoy him, but after a while, he grew fond of seeing the little guy make his quick trip around the driveway, still a bit unsteady on two wheels and relying heavily on his feet to keep him upright and mobile. The boy was clearly a fan of the wide, flat driveway, finding a perfect opportunity to practice turning while his parents and dogs looked on.

The man’s wife came up with the idea of making the boy’s daily driveway visit a bit more fun (and challenging!), so he drew a basic racetrack with sidewalk chalk. The next day, the little boy was so excited! He completed the course, and when the rain washed it away, the owner of the house just drew him a new one, improving on his methods each time his creations were washed away.

The little boy improved every day, using his feet less and less while mastering his ability to balance and make tight turns on two wheels. And soon, it wasn’t just the little boy who was riding around it. Other bike riders (of all ages!) started taking to the track as well, and a parent with a stroller even used it!

What started as a minor annoyance for this man turned into a heartwarming way to brighten both his day and the days of bike riders from all around the neighborhood. Plus, you know that little boy will never forget how the kindness of a stranger helped him learn how to ride a bike!

Take a look at the heartwarming video below:



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