If you had superpowers, what would you choose? Maybe you’d shoot laser beams from your eyes, or perhaps you’d choose to fly above the world. Or would you prefer to read minds, or create fire at your fingertips?

What if your superpower was having an army of bees attached to your fist at all times?

Believe it or not, you don’t need superpowers to make that last one a reality. One man in the Dominican Republic has already done it, and he’s managed not to get stung in the process.

The man was filmed walking down the street by Danii Rodman, and believe it or not, what you’re seeing isn’t CGI, but complete reality.

It was certainly an unusual sight. Most people 1. do not have an arm covered in bees and 2. would be a lot more concerned if they did have an arm covered in bees. This guy, though… this guy was just fine.

As it turns out, this bee-armed man was transporting the bees, which belong to him, by moving their queen. Worker bees live to serve their queen, and wherever she goes, they go. The man carried the queen bee gently in his hand, and the other bees simply attached themselves to his arm in peace, happy to go wherever they needed as long as the queen was unharmed.

It’s certainly not the way we’d imagine moving a bunch of bees, but we’re glad it works just fine for this guy and his hap-bee family.


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