It’s no secret (though it is sad) that it’s way easier to find homes for cute, fluffy, healthy-looking pets than animals who look sick or old. So 26-year-old David Fernandez is doing his part to make sure that sick, mange-ridden pups he finds on the streets are put on the right track to health. Then, he highlights their transformations in jaw-dropping before-and-after photos to help find them homes.

David is from Chile, where there are many street dogs roaming about.

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[LO LOGRAMOS] Hace 6 meses atrás en pleno rio mapocho (CHILE), en donde muy pocos llegan, en donde la miseria social abunda,en donde el hambre está presente siempre, encontramos a una perrita literalmente podrida en el rio, repleta de sarna, una desnutrición avanzada, con mucho miedo,con una fractura de a lo menos 8 años de antigüedad en su pierna . Al llegar a ella su mirada me cautivó, su mirada me pedía a gritos ayuda y que al caminar por el sector me di cuenta los restos de violencia que habían sido sometidos sus bebés; hoy ganandole a todo pronóstico médico "Begoña" está lista para encontrar una familia que le pueda dar sus últimos años de vida con tranquilidad,amor pero por sobretodo la atención y cuidados que jamás tuvo. WE DID IT! Nearly 6 months ago, in the middle of the Mapocho River, in a very inaccessible place, where misery, hunger and poorness are clearly seen, we found a dog literally, rotten. She had mange, severe malnutrition and just a little hint of life inside. She was super scared and we discovered later she had an 8-year-old fracture on her leg. First time I saw her, she begged me for help with her eyes. Around the area, we found what could have been the rests of some of her babies. Today, Begoña is proud to be ready to find her forever home. A family that wants to make her last years the bests of her life, giving her the peace and love she never had the chance to have. Contacto washatpp :+569 31038824.

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Many of these dogs have internal or external conditions that have made people hesitant to touch them.

But David takes them in and gets them the care they need to return to health.

He relies on donations to help fund the dogs’ recovery and vet bills, which can obviously become quite expensive.

Once the dogs are healthy, he posts their images on Instagram to help them find foster and permanent homes.

Some of the “before” photos are hard to look at, but the “after” results make it all worthwhile.

David is doing an amazing job with these pups, and it’s clear that they appreciate all the love and care he’s given them to transform their lives!

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