Those of us who have been living in the digital age of Instagram and Snapchat know the truth: filters make you look better. There’s a reason why so many people refuse to send a photo to their crush until they’ve been digitally altered, after all.

One man took the “filter” suggestion quite literally, though, and now, his visual joke is getting a ton of laughs. Glenn Embrey of Kentucky shared a post on Facebook saying, “Somebody said the ladies will find me a lot more attractive if I post pictures with filters. I have some doubts but what do I know, right? So here goes. Man my phones probably gonna really blow up.”

The advice wasn’t bad, but Glenn took it to the next level, and ironically, his sense of humor might indeed help him out with the ladies. Check out the “pictures with filters” that he shared:

Glenn used a variety of filters for his photos, from lawn mower filters to coffee filters.

The ladies do love a man who knows his way around home machinery and appliances, but even more than that, they love a guy who can laugh at himself!

With a sense of humor like this, it’s only a matter of time before this guy finds his true love!


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