Despite our reliance on cars, many of us know very little about how our vehicles actually work. Sure, we know the basics, such as which pedal does what. Many people even know a bit of vehicle maintenance as well. But every so often, a “hack” appears on the internet that reminds us that whoever prepared us to drive for the rest of our lives definitely missed a few pointers.

One TikTok user has learned such a “hack” and is now being gracious enough to share his newfound knowledge with the rest of the world. The filmer, known as milltj01 on the app, has shown the world that the gas cap door on our cars can actually be used to hold the fuel cap itself. Is this the intention car manufacturers had in mind when designing fuel caps and cap doors, or just a happy coincidence? We sure don’t know!

While this discovery may not be life-changing for many people, it’s still a cool feature that lots of drivers weren’t aware of. The video has since gone viral on the internet as other viewers reveal that they, too, had no idea that there was a spot that was perfect for holding their fuel cap right where they needed it.


How did I not know this?

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