The beginning stages of a relationship are full of hot, fiery passion. As the years go on, even though the love remains, the flirting and sexiness tend to dwindle… or maybe they just change form.

One loving husband has shared some tongue-in-cheek advice for how to keep your spouse hooked with sexy pics even after years of marriage, but it’s probably not the technique you’d imagine.

Corey Peters shared some photos on Facebook that explain how he’s been able to keep his wife, Shelbie, attracted to him even after seven years of being together. Don’t worry — even though the photos have gotten a lot of attention (over 422,000 shares!), they’re completely safe to view in the company of colleagues or grandparents. In fact, we think any adult, regardless of relationship status or sexual orientation, could appreciate these “sexy” pics!

Are you ready? Here we go:

Whew! Is it hot in here, or is it just the sight of that clean, clean floor?

We heard clothing can be pretty sexy, and this guy has it mastered.

Remember to take things to the bedroom later on!

What can we say? We love a man who cleans up well.

We’re a fan of the effort he makes to make life easier for the one he loves.

With seductive pics like these, we’re sure Corey will continue to sweep Shelbie off her feet for years to come!

All images via Corey Peters/Facebook


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