It’s incredible to hear tales of dogs going after animals multiple times their own size in order to protect their humans, but would we do the same for them?

For Kaleb Benham of California, the answer is a proven “yes.”

Kaleb told CBS that his dog — a 90lb rescued pit bull named Buddy — was playing in the yard the day before Thanksgiving. Kaleb thought everything was fine and normal until he heard growls, and when he went outside to see what the matter was, he saw a 350lb black bear dragging his dog by the head. He told CBS, “Honestly, the only thing I could think of was ‘save my baby.'”

Image Source: Kaleb Benham via Facebook

Without thinking twice, Kaleb ran to save his best friend, tackling the bear and grabbing it by the throat and punching it in the face until it let go of Buddy. He then rushed Buddy to the vet and feared the worst when the first clinic he went to was closed due to a recent confirmed case of COVID-19. He then took Buddy to the Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital and watched as his dog spent the next three hours being operated on. Buddy had to get fluid drained from his head, plus staples and stitches. Though the bear managed to bite a hole right through Buddy’s lip, and the dog’s ears had to be stapled back on, the gigantic animal thankfully missed Buddy’s eye.

Thankfully, Buddy is now in recovery with a cone around his neck to protect his wounds as they heal. He’s even giving interviews with his brave human!

Buddy is now recovering at home, but Kaleb says that the bear that attacked his beloved dog is still lurking outside in what he believes is an act of revenge after having a big meal taken away from him. Hopefully, Kaleb and Buddy can stay safe and avoid any more trips to the hospital — human or animal.


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