One bee in the car is bad enough. Two would be terrifying. But how about 15 thousand?

That was what one man in Las Cruces, New Mexico, found in his vehicle after he returned from a quick shopping trip at the local Albertsons supermarket back at the end of March.

The Las Cruces fire department shared the story on Facebook, saying that the driver had parked the car with the windows slightly down while he went in to do his shopping. He then came back out, placed the groceries in his car, and started driving off before he noticed, well, this:

Image Source: Las Cruces Fire Dept. via Facebook

The fire department was called, and after blocking off the scene to protect other shoppers, they called in one of their own off-duty firefighters, Jesse Johnson, who happens to be a beekeeper as well. With the help of a hive kit, protective gear, and lemongrass oil, Jesse was able to removed the swarm of bees from the car and relocate them to a better home.

Image Source: Las Cruces Fire Dept. via Facebook

The entire process of removing the estimated 15,000 bees took about two hours, and though a couple of people were stung, there were thankfully no serious injuries. The bees, happy to follow their queen, weren’t focused on protecting a home and therefore weren’t bent on attacking Jesse or anyone around them. Despite the frightening scene, it ended up being a happy ending for everyone!


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