Dogs are assumed to be more “emotional” than cats when it comes to their owners. Many pet owners find that their cats seem aloof (maybe even disappointed!) when they come home after being out, whereas dogs act like the moment you step in the door is the best second of their life!

That’s not the case for Rob and his cat Kodi, though. Kodi and Rob (and Rob’s other cat, Shorty) share a special bond. Rob takes great care of his kitties, so it’s no wonder that when he leaves the house, the cats get a little bummed out. To see how Kodi reacted upon his departure, Rob set up a few cameras around the house before he left. What he captured might break your heart in two.

While Shorty seems to have no problems adjusting to his human’s sudden and “mysterious” departure, Kodi is another story. He meows and waits for Rob at the door, clearly missing his dad. Sure, Shorty is great company, but as we all know, when you’re missing one particular person, only they can fill the hole in your heart.

Check out the video for yourself. Do you think your cats miss you when you leave home? Let us know in the comments!


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