It often takes just seconds to help animals in need, but sadly, many humans ignore animals who are in danger.

This wasn’t the case for Igor Venâncio, however, who hurried into action when he saw an itty bitty baby monkey on the ground, separated from its mother.

According to The Dodo, Igor found the monkey — a marmoset, to be specific — near his home in Brazil, when he noticed a group of children gathered around something that had caught their interest. The baby’s mother watched from a tree, clearly too scared to retrieve her young one with so many large humans surrounding the tiny helpless creature.

Igor asked the kids to move away so the mom could come get her baby. When she was still too nervous, Igor then decided to take matters — and the marmoset — into his own hands. He picked up the little monkey and handed him to his mother, who took her baby in her arms and flashed Igor a look that seemed a lot like gratitude.

You can watch the special moment below:


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