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Man Gets Swarmed By Two Dozen Chubby Raccoons & Feeds Them Hot Dogs


As the cold winter weeks start to creep in in many parts of the world, local wild animals have to start trying to stock up on food and fat for an extended period of low temperatures. If they fail, they may risk starving or freezing to death — a terrible fate, even though it’s just part of the way things go in the wilderness.

One kind man is making sure his local raccoons stay fed and fat throughout the winter, though, and his process is as wholesome as it is chaotic.

James Blackwood has a hoard of raccoon friends that see him as a friendly face and a reliable source of food even as their natural food sources begin to grow scarce during the winter. As omnivores, these crafty critters will eat just about anything, and James has found a few foods that will certainly keep them pleasantly plump… including hot dogs.

As it turns out, raccoons love hot dogs, so James goes out and buys pounds and pounds of the cheap meat products to feed his furry friends. They’re so used to it that they’ve even developed manners! Sure, they’re a bit pushy when insisting that they should be the next one to get a hot dog, but for the most part, they sit on their hind legs and eagerly wait their turn.

In one of his many raccoon videos, James shares an incredible interaction between himself and nearly thirty raccoons, all gathering to receive a few hot dogs for their evening meal. These chubby mammals get comfy all around James, even nuzzling up on his shoulder as they munch away. It’s just another reminder of how cute these animals are! We love how James goes through so much effort to make sure that his unique friends stay healthy and safe when the world gets colder.

Take a look at this family bonding time below:



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