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Man Finds Two Tiny Hands Sticking Out Of The Dirt. Can You Guess What They Belong To?


Imagine taking a relaxing walk in nature when suddenly, you spy two strange objects sticking out of the ground. And are they…? No, surely not. But yes! They’re hands.

That’s exactly what one man named Adalberto Rigobello II discovered when he was outside. He knew exactly what he was looking at, though, and gave those strange, creepy “hands” a little tickle. What do you think he found? A strange fungus? A dead animal? A forest spirit who was very angry at being disturbed?

Take a look for yourself:

Yep, this silly Brazilian critter is an armadillo! These animals are known for spending lots of time in the dirt, being avid diggers and living in burrows. This one seemed very annoyed at being disturbed, and we love the look it makes when it flips over, almost as if to say, “Do you mind?!”

Well, did you guess correctly? Let us know!



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