Cats are, as we know, the internet’s favorite pet, but long before we could send cute feline videos to our friends in the blink of an eye, cats were still being worshipped and adored by their owners.

YouTuber Matt Stern got an adorable reminder of this when a family member contacted him to let him know that there may be a time capsule hidden in his childhood home. Stern did find the capsule, and among its contents were glass plate negatives of kitty photographs. The YouTuber estimates that the box and its contents were put into place around 1900, making the photographs 120 years old.

Stern used cyanotype — a very old-fashioned printing process that turns photographs into blueprints — to develop the photos, ultimately producing multiple photos of the cute furry friends from years past.

The experience was a sight to behold for cat lovers and history buffs alike. Take a look at the video below:


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