Restaurants for humans may be closed, but that hasn’t stopped one charitable (and probably very bored) man from creating a great dining experience for the animals that frequent his yard.

James Vreeland of Detroit has built and “opened” a miniature open-air eating area for the rodents and birds that come into his yard. Maison du Noix, or the “Nut House” offers snacks for the local wildlife, including seeds, peanuts, and apples, and serves them on tiny tables.

The setup included practically everything you could want in a fine dining experience, such as tables, decor, and even a place for guests to hang up their coats.

There’s even a menu so that furry and feathery patrons can choose their desired meal.

The tiny business owner’s efforts have clearly paid off — the restaurant is literally crawling with guests!

James even shared a timelapse video that showed just how many critters came to his yard restaurant!

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There was a lot of effort that went into this project, but the results are so cute, it seems like it was well worth it. Plus, all the local wildlife gets a chance for a free meal! Everybody wins.

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