A worker who climbed a palm tree and cut off the top was sent swinging back and forth in a nail-biting video shared last month by Fox 11.

The arborist had gotten all the way to the top of the very tall tree in Redlands, California, and began cutting off the top with a chainsaw. Once the extra weight was removed, he held on tight and went flying backward, then forward, then backward again as the tree’s flexible trunk rebounded.

The sight looked like something from a crazy amusement park ride, but being as the man does this for a job, he probably expected this to happen, and he prepared accordingly. According to Fox 11, a later video shows that the worker safely climbed back down the tree once it had stopped swinging.

What do you think? Would you have the courage to do this guys job, or do you prefer life on the ground?

Check out the video below:


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