Sadly, thousands of animals are discarded every day, abandoned on the side of the road as though they were as insignificant as pieces of trash. For one poor pup, this treatment was very literal — she was abandoned in a dumpster, and it was only through good fortune that she was found and rescued by some kind-hearted people.

The dog was found in Warren, Ohio and taken to the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County. The poor thing was sitting in a dumpster far too high off the ground for the dog to have climbed into on her own, meaning it’s extremely likely that someone left her there amongst the garbage, not caring about her well being or fate. It was only when the local sanitation department came to empty the dumpster that she was found.

The poor dog was extremely malnourished, and after being taken to the vet, it was discovered that she had multiple infected wounds, injuries to her back legs, and a broken tooth.

Happily, though, the dog has been receiving the best of care and now has a new name: Phoenix! Though it will be some time before she’s ready for adoption, she’s already perked up after receiving some food, kindness, and care.

The rescue said of their special girl, “We have already learned this sweet gal loves balls! She will carry one around for hours. About the only things she will drop her ball for are treats and Kongs.”

In other good news, a donor has agreed to cover all of Phoenix’s medical costs, making that one less worry for her and the shelter!

When Phoenix is ready to be adopted, there’s no doubt that plenty of people will be hoping to bring her home and give her all the love she deserves!

All images via the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County


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