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Lost Sloth Gets A Free Bus Ride In Brazil Thanks To A Kind Driver

Pixabay: minkewink

Sloths are normally found on tree branches, but one of these slow-moving animals got a bit turned around and ended up in the middle of the road in an urban area of northern Brazil.

In addition to being far away from anywhere that might make for a good sloth habitat, the animal was at high risk of being run over by a car. In fact, a local Conorte bus drove up, and the driver saw the fascinating creature in the road. Instead of just driving past, though, the bus driver stopped, and the ticket handler brought the furry animal on board so it could be taken to safety.

The other passengers were delighted as their unlikely companion hung on to the hand-holds on the bus, no doubt a bit confused by the whole situation, but thankfully safe and sound.

After the two-legged passengers had left the bus and the vehicle had returned to the terminal, local authorities arrived to presumably take the lost sloth back to the wild, away from cars, buses, and people.

We’re glad this cute fella is safe and sound after his little adventure!

All images via Conorte via Facebook



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