We know that dogs make wonderful, friendly pets, but sometimes we don’t give them credit for just how smart they are!

One lost puppy in Thailand had been separated from his loving family, and after not having much success finding them, he decided to look elsewhere: namely, the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic.

Security footage captured the dog approaching the door, where he was let in by an assistant. As it turned out, the dog wasn’t a stranger — he’d been vaccinated there just a few months prior and was a patient at the clinic!

The fact that the dog was registered at the clinic made it way easier for them to find his family, and now, he’s happily reunited with his favorite humans.

What a clever pup, finding his way to the right people who could help get him home. If not, there’s no telling how long he might’ve been lost for!

We’re so glad that this cutie is back home with the people who love him!

All images via Putahracsa Veterinary Clinic on Facebook


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