UK-based wildlife artist Robert Fuller build a jungle gym in his yard for his kids to play on, but little did he know that the local animals would also take an interest in the new, fun setup.

After noticing a family of stoats (an animal closely related to the weasel) near his property, Robert set up a number of wildlife cameras to capture the comings and goings of the local wildlife in his area. As it turned out, there was plenty to see. Foxes, badgers, birds, and hedgehogs all spend time in his yard, and apparently, they take as much joy from the jungle gym and trampoline as the human children do!

An adorable and fascinating video from Robert’s yard revealed that a number of critters have spent time on the kids’ mini playground, enjoying the toys and fixtures as they scampered and flew around without having to worry about those pesky humans scaring them off. It looks like something straight out of a Disney movie, and we’re super jealous!

If you noticed, the baby stoats (or “kits”) in particular seemed to love the trampoline. They seemed to know that their long, wiggly bodies are perfect for bouncing around! One stoat kit had a bit of extra fun on the trampoline, and Robert thankfully caught that adorable moment on camera as well:

You can follow Robert’s art and work here.


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