A couple months ago, the Bandy family experienced every pet owner’s worst nightmare when their dog, Bruiser, got lost after chasing after a rabbit. The entire family was devastated, but none more than ten-year-old Tyler. Tyler and Bruiser were the best of friends, and the dog’s disappearance was devastating for him.

Days and then weeks passed, and there was no sign of Bruiser. A post from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said that the family tried everything to bring their beloved dog home, from Facebook posts to calls to animal control to leaving a towel outside with a recognizable scent. Still, Bruiser didn’t return home. After a couple of months had passed, the Bandy family had nearly given up on ever seeing their beloved pup again.

Then, one day, their luck changed. Someone traveling to Highlands County had picked up a dog, and it soon ended up with Animal Services. One of the Animal Services staff members recognized the dog and began looking through Facebook posts, and she soon discovered that it was Bruiser!

The family was contacted, and they brought Bruiser home safe and sound. Tyler was at school when his best friend came home, leading to a heartwarming and emotional reunion when he returned home.

You can watch the video of Tyler’s surprise below, and be warned: we recommend tissues for this one!


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