Imagine falling overboard in the middle of the ocean in the Caribbean, treading water for eleven hours straight and facing the fact that you may die there… and then suddenly, that super famous actor from Titanic appears and saves you.

No, it’s not the plot to a ’90s teenage girl’s fan fiction story — it was reality for a French crewman who was reportedly inebriated and fell overboard from the yacht he was working on, according to Telegraph. Thankfully, Leonardo DiCaprio — yes, that Leonardo DiCaprio — was on vacation near St. Bart’s and got a distress call for the incident. Although the actor was hours away from where the overboard crewman was (near St. Martin), he set out to rescue him, and it was a good thing he did.

As it turned out, no one else had responded to the distress call, and with the weather turning sour and the sky going dark, the man was reportedly “minutes from death” after treading water for eleven hours. The man was about 28 miles from St. Martin when he was found. DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Camilla Morrone, gave the lucky man sustenance and clothes before the coastguard took over and returned him to land.

DiCaprio may be an actor by trade, but it’s great to know that he was willing to go so far out of his way to save a man who needed him… and give him an unforgettable memory in the process!

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