Kids and adults alike use the famous LEGO toy building blocks to let their imaginations run wild. These little toys can be anything from sci-fi spaceships to humble cottages to fearsome creatures. Some people, however, still manage to think outside the blocks when creating with these tiny toys, and the results can be pretty incredible.

Take, for example, this “cooking” video that mixes real-world objects (and foods) with LEGO blocks. The clip was shared by Beyond the Brick, which shares and promotes LEGO building videos and projects. This particular video may make you think you’re seeing things. The creatures have somehow managed to make plastic blocks look appetizing, and the fact that you could really follow the “recipe” using real food makes it practical as well as fun to watch.

Check out this playful cooking tutorial below and see if it doesn’t want to make you break out your old LEGO sets!


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