LEGO has helped combat boredom for years with its building block sets designed for everyone from young kids to fully grown adults. And now, the Danish toy maker is switching gears to combat the coronavirus.

The company has revealed on social media that they’ll be using one of their machines to produce thousands of safety visors per day. They claim they’ll be working to make a whopping 13,500 masks per day and can even ramp up production to higher numbers if needed. The masks have already been approved for hospital use, and the company is now working hard to meet the needs of medical staff working to battle the coronavirus.

While N95 masks are often cited as the most needed type of mask used by hospital staff who are in nearly constant contact with infected patients, face shields can also protect workers from virus-containing droplets of saliva or mucus that can be expelled from coughing, sneezing, or even just talking. These shields can act as a life-saving barrier for medical workers on the front lines working to save people who have contracted the virus.

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