Imagine you were eating dinner, going for a run, or doing just about anything when you looked to the side and saw the Grim Reaper standing nearby. Chances are, you’d probably question if you should really be eating that sandwich, right?

That’s exactly the type of impact that Daniel Uhlfelder is hoping to have when he begins his tour of Florida beaches in a Grim Reaper costume. Uhlfelder, who is a dad and a lawyer (and “aspiring comedian,” according to his Twitter page), announced his intentions on social media a couple of days ago. You see, Ulfelder is among the many people who aren’t pleased with the Florida government’s decision to reopen beaches while the United States is still struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, and he hopes to send a message by reminding people what they risk by gathering at the beach in the middle of a deadly viral outbreak.

The stunt appears to be inspired by New Zealand’s “Swim Reaper,” which is a public campaign to remind people to be cautious while playing in the water. As you might imagine, it involves people going to the beach in full Grim Reaper attire.

Given that Daniel is active in his local community, it’s no surprise that this stunt isn’t just for a morbid giggle. His “tour” all over Florida will serve as an attempt to raise money for local Democratic candidates running for office.

Politics aside, we can’t wait to see the photos of this guy scaring people to death (get it?) on public beaches.

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