Video chatting has revolutionized the way we communicate, not only for its personal nature and instant connectivity, but also for the more “fun” features. As we’ve made use of Zoom over the course of the pandemic for classes, work, and personal use, many people have taken advantage of some of the app’s more advanced features, such as custom backgrounds and fun filters.

Unfortunately for one lawyer, those filters can sometimes be a bit hard to remove. Rod Ponton, who works as a county attorney in Presidio County, Texas, has gone viral over the past day for a Zoom mishap that has left the internet in tears of laughter.

Rod entered the call for a hearing… or so he thought. In his place was the face of an adorable kitten who began making some hilarious facial expressions. Poor Rod had no idea how to turn the filter off, at one point accepting his fate and simply saying “I’m prepared to go forward with it,” and insisting “I’m not a cat.”

We have no idea how the other attendees on the call didn’t burst into laughter, but it was certainly an achievement that we couldn’t manage ourselves!


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