When the weather gets hot in Arizona, humans are lucky enough to be able to stay inside and turn on the air conditioning. But do you ever think about the wild animals who may struggle to find shade, water, or any other way to cool down beneath the hot sun?

One bobcat found his way into Josler Tudisco’s yard on a 115-degree day and plopped down for a hot, exhausted nap. Conveniently, though, the bobcat had laid down right next to Josler’s hose. Whether it was just a happy coincidence or the cat could smell the water was unknown, but he was definitely in the right spot.

Josler quickly took action after seeing the tired wildcat and turned on the hose, letting loose a stream of cool, clean water. The bobcat eagerly lapped it up for a while, revealing just how thirsty he had been. Who knows where he would’ve been able to find this much water if he’d ended up somewhere else?

After he had a long drink, the bobcat took a nap in a damp spot on the ground before going on his way, happy and hydrated.

You can watch Josler’s sweet video of the interaction below:


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♬ Goodnight Sweet Possums – From “Ice Age The Meltdown” – John Powell

We love seeing such kindness from humans toward animals in need!


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