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Japanese Artist Paints Stones That Look Like Real Tiny Animals

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Do you love your pet so much that you wish you could just pick them up, put them in your pocket, and carry them around with you everywhere you go?

Akie Nakata, an artist from Japan, has come closer to making this dream a reality by painting super realistic animals onto tiny round stones. Also known as “Stone Artist Akie,” she creates incredible detail and has wowed the world with her creations. If you’re interested in buying any of her work, you can check out her Facebook page.

Here’s a sample of what she can do:

Akie’s creations range from feathery…

… to furry…

… to scaley…


… to fishy.

No matter the shape of the stone, she finds a way to bring it to life.

She uses an incredibly tiny brush to get the details just right.

The result is a shockingly life-like creation that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

Some of them will make you do a double-take over how realistic they look!

She sees life in rocks that many people would never envision as being animal-shaped.

No animal is off-limits.

You may never get to own a real pocket-sized owl, but Akie’s work can get you pretty darn close.


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