The Town of Iga, 280 miles from Tokyo is facing a serious shortage of Ninja warriors according to They are excellent in entertaining tourists who flock the ancient town to witness the art of Ninja in the local museum, townhouses and even public places.

Japanese folklore that dates back to centuries and artifacts support the myth that the art of Ninja started in this town in the 13th Century. These warriors were highly skilled and almost invincible mercenaries who were used by the ruling class, the Samurai, to assassinate, annihilate and torture their enemies. There were particularly instrumental in advancing the agenda of some factions and securing communities from warring neighbors. Additionally, their lives were often classified even to their families.

Sakae Okamoto, the mayor, believes that Iga would do better with more Ninjas. They already earn the city more than $1 million in the peak Ninja festival that spans from April to early may. He wants to keep it going for longer.

The Ninjas would earn more than $85,000 each. The core skills required are an ability to smile, dance, and to communicate. However, with Japan at the crossroad of a demographic crisisfollowing decades of low birthrates and minimal immigration, Iga’s past might be hanging on the balance.


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