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Italian Artist Shares Painfully Relatable Comics During Quarantine


For as different as we all are across the globe, many of us have had remarkably similar experiences in quarantine as the coronavirus outbreak has brought normal life to a halt. Feelings of not knowing what time (or day… or month) it is, living in sweatpants, and feeling a bit detached from reality are common in this strange time, and one artist is illustrating the strangeness of it all in her comics.

Silvia, who lives in Milan, has been creating minimal, but highly relatable comics to express her own experience in quarantine, hoping that it would help others process their own struggles a bit better. Check out some of her work below:

With very few words and a cute drawing, Silvia manages to capture our “new normal” in all its glory.

She reminds us that even though times are tough, we’re all in the same boat.

Find yourself talking to inanimate objects lately? You’re not alone.

Oh, and don’t worry — we don’t think anyone knows what day it is anymore.

All those workouts and creative projects you had planned may not have come to fruition.

Goodbye, concerts. Goodbye, travel plans. Goodbye, appointments.

And of course, every introvert’s nightmare — suddenly, we have no real excuse to exit conversations!

At least we know hair salons will be raking in the dough once this is all over.

Comfy clothes are the latest fashion statement.

Hopefully our social distancing efforts will pay off soon and we’ll be able to return to the life we knew sooner rather than later!



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